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APT360° - Software For Housing Societies

APT360° - Housing society maintenance management software developed by Cucor Consulting (IT Division), - is a multi-office, boutique property management services established in year 2016. With our unique present- day style and total sentiment for connecting people with property, we yearn to provide the ultimate experience for today’s modern consumer.

The software product developed by us has good number of features. This product, we offer on monthly subscription basis.

Housing Society maintenance software with salient features

Property Management - Owner / Tenant Details.
Maintenance Management - Bills, Payments, Receipts, Due date Reminder.
Facility Management - Services request monitored till completion
Message Centre - Alerts & Notification through SMS and E-Mail.
Visitor Management - Gate Keeper, Visitor Information.
Vendor Management - Vendor Master, Purchase Order, Receipts & Payments.

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APT360° - For Individual owners:

Our software product for landlord can be utilized as admin and his tenants can be the users. All relevant information will be fed by the tenant or the tenants which ultimately result in providing the information of receipts or payment to the landlord or individual owner.

The subscription amount will be charged to the landlord or individual owners on monthly basis.

Please note that if the individual tenant is not willing to use our product as user we are ready to give that service on chargeable basis.

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